Teams Season 1

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Teams Season 1

Post by LHP14Florida on Mon Jul 13, 2015 2:51 pm

Here are the 13 teams for the first season of the PBBA

Labore Lucarios coached by Ahmeddar
Pittsburgh Delibirds coached by cooper
St.Louis Carvahnas coached by Atalix
Miami Donphans coached by LHP14Florida
Cleveland Escalviers coached by JBSwagBag
Oklahoma City Thunderbolts Coached by Jay
Boston Crusaders coached by Hawkman (Tentative)
Pittsburgh Pinsirs Coached by Blitzburgh
Arizona Arboks coached by Gavin
New York Mankeys coached by ethan
Tampa Bay Jolteons coached by Cole
Tampa Bay Talonflames coached by Jack
SV Darmanitan coached by ferrowspike

Subject to change


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